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Fanfic: In the Weakness...

Title: In the Weakness... (1/?)
Author: [info]abbyromana 
Character(s): Jenny, Donna Noble, Ten, TARDIS 
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG-13
Genre: general, adventure, angst, hurt/comfort
Warning(s): Spoilers from new Doctor Who, particularly Partners in Crime and The Doctor's Daughter 
Disclaimer(s): All characters and things of Doctor Who belong to the BBC, I'm simply borrowing them for creative output.
Author note(s): This has been kindly beta'd by clocketpatch, but some edits have been made, so any mistakes you find are solely my fault. Any and all comments and advice are appreciated.  
Summary: Donna finds that trouble never travels alone when things go from bad to worse.

Found here @ my LJ
Tags: doctor who, donna noble, fanfiction, jenny, tenth doctor
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