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Fanfic: Faintest of Silver Linings

Title: Faintest of Silver Linings
Author: [info]abbyromana
Characters: Donna, Ten
Rating: PG, slight bad language, if you consider the word: 'sucks' a bad word.
Genre: general, hurt/comfort, interperspective
Prompt Word: theatre
Words: 2,721
Author Note(s): Response to Weekly Drabble Challenge #31 at [info]doctor_donna. This story is unbeta'd, so please leave comments and your thoughts. :)
Warning: Spoilers DW comic book: Cold-Blooded War and series 4 (New Doctor Who), particularly Partners in Crime, Fires of Pompeii, and The Doctor's Daughter
Disclaimer(s): All characters and things of Doctor Who belong to the BBC or IDW. This is a follow up to the IDW comic book story: Cold-Blooded War. I'm simply borrowing the Doctor and his friends and family for creative output.
Summary: Donna helps the Doctor heal after a very bad day.

(“Today has to be one for the list of very bad days,” Donna muttered to herself.)
Tags: doctor who, donna noble, fanfiction, tenth doctor
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